Cancel an appointment.

Cancel an appointment using this endpoint. Once canceled, appointments will have a noShow attribute. This attribute may be updated, but it isn't possible to un-cancel the appointment.

Cancel as an Admin



By default appointments are canceled as a client. Canceling an appointment as an admin allows setting the "noShow" field and disables cancellation rules. To cancel as an admin pass the query parameter admin=true.

No Email

Skip sending the cancellation e-mail and SMS by canceling the appointment with the noEmail=true query parameter.


Validation errors return a 400 error response:

  "status_code": 400,
  "message": "Clients are not allowed to cancel.",
  "error": "cancel_not_allowed"
cancel_not_allowedClients are not allowed to cancel.
cancel_too_closeClients are not allowed to cancel this close to the time of the appointment.