CSS Examples for Customizing the Scheduling Page

The client facing scheduling page can be customized beyond the basic options within the Customize Appearance Settings. Below are some useful CSS code that you can add to your Advanced CSS Settings to further customize your scheduling page.

FunctionCSS Code
Make appointment type names bigger & bolder.appointment-type-name { font-size: 120%; font-weight: bold; }
Make Client Registration Link Login Text bigger/bolder.login-container { height: 80px; font-size:20px; padding-top:25px; }
Change the color of backgroundbody { background-color: #ffffff; }
Hide "More times" on Daily View template client scheduling page.calendar-next { display: none; }
Hide "Save Credit Card for Future Use" checkboxdiv.col-sm-12 { display: none; }
Change background color of the appointment type boxes.select-item {background-color: #DFDFDF ;}
Changing the hover color of the appointment type boxes.select-item:hover {background-color: #FF0000;}
Hide Quantity in the Package Checkoutinput.form-control.inline-field { display:none; } input.form-control.inline-field[name="certificate"] { display: block; } th[data-original-text="Quantity"] { opacity: 0; }
Hide list of what a package code is redeemable for.certificate-amount-remaining ul {display: none;}
Hide steps/tabs at top of Monthly template scheduling pageol.steps { display: none; }